Why Does My Dog Keep Whining in Lisle, IL?

Your dog uses whining as a way to communicate with you. But while it can be cute, it can also become aggravating, annoying, or worrisome if it goes on for long periods of time.

Dog keeps whining in Lisle, IL

Understanding why your pup may be whining is key to getting him or her to stop.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Whining in Lisle, IL

Dogs in Lisle whine for a variety of reasons and do so to try and communicate with you.

Here are seven potential reasons why your dog keeps whining:

Your Dog Wants or Needs Something

If your dog wants or needs something, he or she is likely going to whine. As soon as that want or need is satisfied, the whining will stop.

If your pup wants a treat, needs to go outside, or wants to tell you something, whining will be the way that he or she is going to express himself or herself. It may be time for dinner, and your canine might be letting you know. You will easily figure out the reason for the whining because your dog will use his or her body language to help explain to you what is bothering them.

For example, your pup will stand by the door if what he or she needs is to go outside. Once you satisfy the want or need that is being expressed, the whining will cease.

Your Dog Wants Attention

Another reason your furry companion may whine is because he or she may need your attention. Dogs love their owners unconditionally. They worry for them when they are not home and eagerly await their return.

If you don’t spend enough time with your pup or ignore them, chances are he or she will whine because of feeling neglected, lonely, sad, etc. Dogs in Lisle need to be active and love to play with their owners. The best gift you can give your canine is your time and attention.

Your Dog is Anxious

Dogs get anxious just like humans do. They can even suffer from separation anxiety and whine and cry when you have to leave and go somewhere because they don’t want to be without you or to be left alone. Sometimes, dogs will act out when left alone, and you may come home to find that they chewed on the furniture, your favorite shoes, etc. and just made a huge mess of your house. It’s all because they missed you.

Your Dog is Depressed or Disappointed

Whining may also be a sign of depression or disappointment. Your dog may be feeling sad or ignored by you or he or she may feel disappointed if, for example, they want to cuddle or play with you, and you are busy or unable to oblige.

It’s also possible that they don’t like a certain visitor and are disappointed that you let that person in your home. Your dog will always let you know how they feel or what they sense about a situation or a person. They may not be their usual selves around certain people. But always keep in mind that if your dog appears to be uncharacteristically depressed or lethargic, there may be a deeper reason or cause, and you should consider consulting with your vet in Lisle.

Your Dog is Frustrated

Your dog may keeps whining if they are frustrated about something. He or she may be annoyed that you can’t take him or her outside right when they want to or that you are not able to give them the time and attention they hope for. Dogs can be just like us, humans, and have all the same kinds of emotions and feelings that we do.

Your canine may also be frustrated if he or she is trying to tell you something they feel is important or to let you know about something out of the ordinary they sense is happening or is about to happen, and you are not able to understand what it is exactly. Being unable to properly communicate with you can be a reason why your dog is frustrated and whining.

Your Dog is in Pain

Being in pain is also a reason why a dog may keep whining. They may be hurt and trying to let you know they feel pain and/or discomfort.

Inspect your dog’s body. The cause may be something minor or something serious. If the whining continues and gets worse and insistent, take your dog to the vet’s office to get to the bottom of what’s going on. If your regular vet closed, you should take your dog to an emergency vet in Lisle so your pet can get the care they need as soon as possible.

Your Dog is Trying to Apologize or Show Sympathy/Empathy

Dogs are very sensitive beings. Your pup feels all of your emotions. When you are sick or unwell, when you are happy and joyful, or when you are sad, depressed, or frustrated, your canine empathizes with you. Dogs may be sympathetic with people they don’t know that well, but they are definitely empathetic with their owners—the ones they love and cherish the most.

They will also feel remorse if they have displeased you or done something to get themselves in trouble. Maybe your pup got carried away with your best shoes, chewed them up, and now wants to tell you how sorry he or she feels.

Find Out Why Your Dog Keeps Whining in Lisle, IL

Dogs are amazing animals. There is definitely a very good reason why they are considered man’s best friend. They are extremely loyal, faithful, and loving. It’s important to listen to your pup and try to understand what he or she is trying to express.

If your dog keeps whining, then there’s an underlying reason why and some reasons are more serious than others. If you’re having a hard time finding out why your pet is whining, take them to their regular vet or to an emergency vet in Lisle as soon as possible. Your vet can help you find the cause of why your pet’s doing this and can help develop a solution to help them.

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