In-House Pet Diagnostic Capabilities in Lisle

When your pet needs emergency care, having state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment on site ensures timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.  Our full-service laboratory, digital x-ray system, and ultrasonography equipment ensure we are able to treat both life-threatening and less urgent conditions for pets in Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and surrounding areas at Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle.

Comprehensive Laboratory Services

When your pet is having an emergency, every second is important. To ensure fast and accurate pet diagnosis we have a fully equipped in-house laboratory that can provide quick test results of your pet's blood, urine, or fecal samples. Our in-house equipment has the capability to perform complete analysis of the red and white blood cells, internal organ function such as liver and kidney function, electrolytes, blood sugar, protein levels, pancreatic function, blood clotting time, abnormalities of the urinary tract, blood-borne parasites, intestinal parasites, diseases spread by ticks, specific viral infections, and others.

Veterinarians performing a dog ultrasound

State-of-the-Art Digital Dog and Cat X-rays

Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray system uses a low radiation source connected to a high definition image capture plate and software that provides us with better quality images than a traditional x-ray film system. The system has the capability to adjust image output and perform diagnostic measurements that assist us in quickly making a diagnosis.

It is also able to generate a high-definition image as fast as five seconds after we take the picture. Having an image this quickly means we can review it immediately and know if we require additional images. This is important as it ultimately allows us to take fewer images reducing radiation exposure and limiting the time required to obtain images, which reduces the stress on your pet.

Dog and Cat Ultrasound

Dog and cat ultrasound gives us additional diagnostic capability that does not require any sedation and is painless with no risk involved.

Our ultrasound machine allows us to evaluate organs and the internal structure of abdominal contents and obtain diagnostic information that is very different from what x-rays and bloodwork provide. This information helps us better determine the nature and severity of a problem potentially allowing for more treatment options and the ability to make a more informed decision regarding those options for your pet.

The ultrasound machine can also assist us in obtaining samples such as urine or abdominal fluid as safely and quickly as possible.