Transferring Care From Referral Veterinarians

There are often times when your pet needs to continue to be hospitalized and receive close monitoring and care after your regular veterinarian has closed for the night or weekend. At Emergency Veterinary Services we are fully capable and ready to provide needed medical care for your furry family member.

How to Expedite Your Pet's Transfer

When possible, it is very helpful if your regular veterinarian is able to call us shortly before your pet is transferred. This offers us the opportunity to discuss your pet's case and required care. Please ask to have all available pet records sent to us as well. This information can be faxed to us at (630) 960-2900 or emailed to info@emergencyvetlisle.comWe also recommend bringing a copy of records when you bring your pet to us.

Vet taking care of a dog at our emergency vet

Upon Your Pet's Arrival

Once you arrive at Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle, we will perform a thorough exam of your pet. We also carefully review their medical condition and needed care at this time. Then, a complete written estimate of your pet's charges is provided to you.

When it's Time to Leave

When it is time for your pet to leave EVS, they will either go back to your regular veterinarian for continued hospitalization or they will go home. Either way, we always make sure that we send all medical records including lab results, x-rays, etc. to your regular veterinarian’s office right away. If your pet is going back to your vet, we call them once they open to ensure communication and transfer is as seamless as possible.