About Emergency Veterinary Services in Lisle

At Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle, we're committed to providing quality compassionate care and superior service. Whether you have a life-threatening emergency or if something just doesn’t seem quite right with your pet, our skilled veterinarians are here for you. No concern is too great or too small if your pet is struggling. We want to keep your furry family member as happy and comfortable as possible. We also want to help you cope with your pet's illness as well as you can. Therefore, throughout the entire exam, diagnosis, and treatment processes, we will discuss options and necessary steps with sensitivity and understanding.

Quality Compassionate Care

It’s our mission. As a small independently owned animal hospital we are not driven to follow some corporate mandated care protocols. Our compassionate oriented ethos allows us to truly do what is best for you and your pet and doesn’t require us to only present one treatment option when more than one is available. Our goal is to always be thorough and provide you with as many options as are available to help your pet get well.

Welcoming Critical and Non Critical Cases

We're fully equipped to handle any concerns you may have about your pet in our state-of-the-art facility. We are able to handle the most serious emergencies but we also welcome less serious concerns. We understand that when your pet is not feeling well you want to provide treatment and relief as soon as possible. Please call or stop in if you think your pet may need care after-hours. Our friendly, welcoming staff is eager to help guide you.

Veterinarian with a cat at our emergency vet clinic

Communicating Every Step of the Way

During any service or procedure, we fully communicate with you about your pet's course of treatment. When you first arrive with your pet, our veterinarians perform a thorough examination and evaluate your pet's condition in detail. Then, you're given an estimate for recommended services and available treatment options. Your pet will be receiving supportive care and pain management during this process as well. If your pet is hospitalized with us, we keep you updated on their condition and we always welcome your phone calls to check on how your pet is doing. When your pet is discharged, we again review their condition and their progress along with discussing after-care instructions.

Finally, we are also sure to share your pet's medical records with your regular veterinarian. A complete copy of their medical records and test results will be sent to your regular vet via fax and email. If you do not have a regular veterinarian we can help with recommendations for practices in Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and surrounding areas. In every case, we work with local practices to best treat pets and in some instances see patients several more times if necessary. Please contact us with any questions. We're here for you and your four-legged friend.