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It takes a village to provide quality compassionate veterinary care. Take a moment to learn about the hard-working but ever friendly team at Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle.

Our Technicians

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Brook J., CVT - Supervisor

Known for her spunky, do-whatever-it-takes attitude, Brook works in a dual capacity as a certified veterinary technician and our technician supervisor. Before working in veterinary medicine, she worked as a retail manager/buyer for a record store. Brook holds a soft spot in her heart for senior kitties and some of the causes she supports include shelter pet adoption and trap-neuter-return programs.

Gerald Wallace has been the resident clinic cat and king of the pharmacy since May of 2017. Although he admittedly still has much to learn about being the resident cat, he's proud of his recent weight loss and being an inspiration to all other hopeful cats. Before living at Emergency Veterinary Services, Gerald used to live on the streets, but he now has many pets - including three doctors and multiple veterinary technicians.

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Jenifer R.

With 13 years working in veterinary medicine, we're thankful for Jenifer's experience and compassion. In fact, providing veterinary care with a loving touch is Jenifer's favorite part of her job. Additionally, she is Fear Free Certified and is educated in raptor (bird of prey) management and handling. Jenifer also has several pets of her own - a mini poodle, a bichon-poodle mix, multiple cats, and six hens.

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Miranda P.

Miranda knew from an early age that she wanted to work with animals and started in veterinary medicine working as a kennel attendant as a teenager eight years ago. Fittingly, she has four pets of her own, including a python named Sesha. Outside of work, she enjoys being a mom and anything she can do with her daughter Lily.

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Alex H.

For six years Alex has been working as a veterinary technician. Next to helping animals and assisting in emergency surgeries, Alex's favorite thing to do in the whole world is eating tacos. On her day off, when she's not eating tacos, you might find her playing the piano, the clarinet, or with her dog.

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Terra C.

Terra received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University in 2013 and joined Emergency Veterinary Services as a veterinary technician in 2014. In her free time, Terra enjoys challenging herself in CrossFit and this helps her lift some of our "more to love" patients. She also likes participating in mud runs and challenging herself mentally with trivia and puzzles. Terra is Fear Free Certified.

Veterinary Technician in Lisle

Jong K., CVT

Before working as a certified veterinary technician, Jong worked in software development and computer programming. Since he's both friendly and curious, his favorite things about his job are seeing the large variety of medical cases and interacting with our clients and patients. Jong has many pets of his own, including four dogs, four cats, and lots of fish.


Jennifer M., CVT

Jennifer has worked in veterinary medicine for 16 years and has held many different types of positions, including surgery technician, rehab and physical therapy, general practice, ER and mixed practice. When she's not working, she enjoys walking her dogs (she has three!), camping, hiking, and being crafty. Her pets include, in their entirety, a mastiff, a Great Dane mix, a boxer, seven cats - including a hairless and a werewolf, many chickens, and some rabbits.


Ashley O.

Ashley has been working in veterinary medicine for six years and holds a B.S. in Biology with a pre-vet emphasis. Currently, she is working on a MPS in veterinary parasitology and plans to attend veterinary school in the fall of 2018. Ashley loves helping with surgeries at Emergency Veterinary Services and some of the best skills she brings to the table include surgery preparation, parasite identification, and an extreme love for all our furry friends.

Amanda M1

Amanda M.

Having lived in the Chicagoland suburbs her entire life and working in veterinary medicine for 21 years, Amanda is pleased to be a part of the team at Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle. As a child, Amanda always knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. She started as a kennel attendant in high school and has worked as a head tech and hospital manager. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 3-year-old daughter.

Veterinary Team

Stephanie S.

Before working as a veterinary technician full-time, Stephanie coached soccer, baseball, and t-ball. An active lifestyle is important to her, and she loves CrossFit and riding horses. Listening to client needs is what she likes best about her job and she's proud to be fear free certified. In her spare time, Stephanie plays the harp at gatherings and cocktail parties. If you attend a wedding, you might see Stephanie serenading the guests.

Business Administrator

Veterinary Team

Jason Smith

Jason has worked at EVS for the last 5 years doing all of the boring (but very necessary) behind the scenes work that includes things like managing vendors, care of the facility,  and paying bills.  This allows us to focus on providing great care for you and your pets!  When he’s not changing light bulbs at the clinic he enjoys playing golf, watching NASCAR, and balancing the books with his furry feline Nola supervising from his lap.